The Book

“A Work Life Balance Masterpiece” Foreword by Mr. Laurie Lawrence


“Where has the year gone? It will be Christmas before we know it!”

Sound familiar?

hannahs christmas giftWe say it every year as if it was a surprise.

There is no doubt we are busy. Everyone is busy. Busy is seductive. Busy is expected. It provides identity. It also helps us avoid a thought out response and allows us to genuinely not think about what we are busy doing.

Busy can be great. The question of course is, are we busy and conscious doing what matters most?

Bruce Sullivan’s simple messages in this book will challenge you to purposefully think about what you are doing with this one life.
hannahs christmas gift
Hannah’s story is beautifully combined with very simple, practical advice and will allow you to quickly and easily take back control of your life and get busy doing what matters most.

$10.00 from every book sold will be donated to the Down Syndrome Association in your nominated State or Country.

When Hannah was born, the Down Syndrome Association where we live provided invaluable support and information. This has continued as Hannah has developed and her needs have changed.
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The Author

A bit about Bruce Sullivan.

Bruce Sullivan is a relationship specialist and a proven performer in achieving results through people for over 25 years. His practical, hands on experience is based on working in both the community and business. He is a Husband to Gillian of 25 years, a Father to Hannah (14) and Declan (11) and he currently balances this with being a director of six private companies.

Based in Brisbane, Australia, Bruce is known worldwide as an authority on how to live a balanced life – at home and at work. His life is evidence to what he teaches from the platform, with his time shared with family and friends, business and the community (and in that order).

Managing his own businesses since his teens, by age 24 he had established his own million-dollar network of businesses and he has an extended track record of working with a wide range of private and public organisations’, both in Australia and overseas.

Bruce has also worked with individuals, families and communities providing education and opportunities for personal improvement. It is this experience that has given him a unique understanding of our ability to relate to one another in the workplace and at home. It is what sets his work apart as he gives very practical, timely and often humourous insights into what makes we humans tick.

To compensate for the travel that he does for work, Bruce schedules eight weeks of annual leave each year to coincide with school holidays. This ensures a healthy balance and that family stays at the top of his priority list. The Sullivan family love to travel and make the most of every opportunity to go exploring.

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Personally I loved Hannah’s Christmas Gift even more the second time around. I cannot stop thinking about Bruce’s philosophy on life and what really matters. Bruce’s message is so practical and obvious and the way he presents it makes you sit up, take notice and take action.

Leura Cathcart,

Dept of Education, Training & the Arts.

This book provides the most logical, practical & refreshing view on the work life balance equation.

Ross Gage,

Swim Australia.

Its boxing day and I am just finished reading your book. It hits all the tender parts. As I read your book I rediscovered messages I have been seeing and feeling over the last little while which seem to be interwoven through the message of several presenters and writers. I am currently summarising that as those who have the capacity to conceptualise and simplify. Getting the big picture and then working out with clarity which bits to choose is a great secret most people never get, although many would have a socially fashionable discussion about it! Thanks for the clarity, the simple policies and timely reminder. Well done.

Tony Poole,

Managing Director Parasy
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hannahs christmas gift

To date we have sold Hannah’s Christmas Gift through Bruce’s professional speaking commitments and our website. $10 from every book sold is donated to the Down Syndrome Association.

To date we have donated a total of $80,000.00+.





The following Associations have benefited from this:

Down Syndrome Association of Queensland Australia $26,270.00
Down Syndrome Association of Western Australia $2,620.00
Down Syndrome Society of South Australia $1,220.00
Down Syndrome Association of Tasmania $1,290.00
Down Syndrome Victoria Australia $5,780.00
ACT Down Syndrome Association Australia $780.00
Down Syndrome New South Wales Australia $9,040.00
New Zealand Down Syndrome Association $5,780.00
DSNetwork Arizona USA $320.00
Down Syndrome Association Houston USA $220.00
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