The Book

“A Work Life Balance Masterpiece” Foreword by Mr. Laurie Lawrence.

hannahs christmas gift“Where has the year gone? It will be Christmas before we know it!”
Sound familiar?

We say it every year as if it was a surprise.

There is no doubt we are busy. Everyone is busy. Busy is seductive. Busy is expected. It provides identity. It also helps us avoid a thought out response and allows us to genuinely not think about what we are busy doing. Busy can be great. The question of course is, are we busy and conscious doing what matters most?
hannahs christmas gift
Bruce Sullivan’s simple messages in this book will challenge you to purposefully think about what you are doing with this one life.

Hannah’s story is beautifully combined with very simple, practical advice and will allow you to quickly and easily take back control of your life and get busy doing what matters most.

$10.00 from every book sold will be donated to the Down Syndrome Association in your nominated State or Country.

When Hannah was born, the Down Syndrome Association where we live provided invaluable support and information. This has continued as Hannah has developed and her needs have changed.

By donating the proceeds of this book to your local Association, our goal is to provide another source of fundraising to allow the Associations to continue their great work.

hannahs christmas giftWe are confident that you will personally benefit from reading this book. Your purchase will also mean that others too will benefit.

Please accept my thanks for supporting the continued work of the Down Syndrome Associations across the world.

Bruce Sullivan



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