Personally I loved Hannah’s Christmas Gift even more the second time around. I cannot stop thinking about Bruce’s philosophy on life and what really matters. Bruce’s message is so practical and obvious and the way he presents it makes you sit up, take notice and take action.

Leura Cathcart,

Dept of Education, Training & the Arts.

This book provides the most logical, practical & refreshing view on the work life balance equation.

Ross Gage,

Swim Australia.

Its boxing day and I am just finished reading your book. It hits all the tender parts. As I read your book I rediscovered messages I have been seeing and feeling over the last little while which seem to be interwoven through the message of several presenters and writers. I am currently summarising that as those who have the capacity to conceptualise and simplify. Getting the big picture and then working out with clarity which bits to choose is a great secret most people never get, although many would have a socially fashionable discussion about it! Thanks for the clarity, the simple policies and timely reminder. Well done.

Tony Poole,

Managing Director Parasy
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